3 Habits of High Ranking Customer Service Champions

We’d like to share with you a short video featuring elite companies recognized as J.D. Power 2012 Customer Service Champions.  They all describe their stories with one common theme, and that is the importance of assuring consistency across service channels.  In this video, you’ll hear from:

  • Chip Dufala, Erie Insurance – Executive Vice President, Services
  • Rob Hibbard, Enterprise Rent-A-Car – Vice President, Airport Business Development
  • Dick Evans, Frost Bank – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Kurt McNeil, Cadillac – Vice President of Sales and Service

As economic pressures increase and companies look for ways to improve their bottom line, many brands deploy technology to support the customer experience, as well as to lower overall costs.

Some of the technologies companies use to support the customer experience include automated phone systems and interactive voice response systems. These systems guide customers through standard sales or service processes and procedures to collect information from the customer in advance of a human interaction, while others replace human interaction altogether with a self-service framework.

So which type of support do customers prefer……….human or machine? 

Human! J.D. Power’s data collected between 2009 and 2011 indicates the customer experience with a customer service representative continues to have greater impact on overall satisfaction than does an automated system.

There are three practices that a company can employ to assure consistency across their service channels. These practices include:

  • Leveraging progressive technology
  • Customer empowerment
  • Maximizing live customer interaction
To learn more about assuring consistency across service channels as well as other key cross-industry best practices, download J.D. Power’s Beyond Satisfaction special report.


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