Beyond the Wall: Ideas for Financial Facebook Welcome Pages

“Most visitors to a bank or credit union page on Facebook are greeted by the all-too-familiar Wall — a series of updates, comments, feedback and exchanges that can frequently lean to the dark side. But there’s another, arguably better option” writes Jeffry Pilcher, Publisher of The Financial  “When opting for a customized Welcome page over the standard Wall posts, you’ll have a wider range of visual tools at your disposal, making it easier to create more retail excitement.”

To create a more dynamic and thoughtful experience for visitors while getting them to focus on the topics you choose, Pilcher showcases specific examples of financial Facebook Welcome pages and offers the following ideas:

1.  Hi There….Please Like Us Banner Ads – Many Banks & Credit Unions

Used by many institutions, custom banner ads on Welcome pages encourage visitors to hit the Like button, and often include offers, news, job postings and other promotions.  “This approach isn’t terribly creative, but it’s better than visitors getting overwhelmed by a bunch of random Wall posts” Pilcher explains.

2.  Link, Like, Love – American Express

The AmEx Facebook page includes an ad with the ability to earn instant rebates after linking your credit card to the rebate application.  Users can choose from hundreds of familiar brands and earn cash back on purchases.

3.  Nonsense Feedback – Ally Bank

Ally Bank reserves a dedicated “Tell us about it” area that encourages bank customers to rant about their frustrations with general banking issues.  The Like button reads “if you dislike banking nonsense, “Like” Ally Bank.  Pilcher notes that “this is a good approach to stimulating engagement and dialogue with Facebook visitors, and Ally deserves credit for integrating a consistent marketing message across multiple channels.”

4.  Money Personality Test – Citizens Bank

Citizens encourages Facebook visitors to complete a brief “Money Personality Test” resulting in the user finding out what kind of saver they are.  “It’s moderately interesting” says Pilcher, “But once you’ve taken the test, there is not further call-to action.”

5.  Rotating Ad – UBank

“UBank is trying to create a more navigable experience – one that’s clearly focused on their branded tools and products” notes Pilcher.  UBank makes use of a rotating banner ad where they promote products, tips, solicit feedback and include social networking links.

Source:  The Financial Brand.  Read the full post and view all examples

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