Respect the Crowd – Don’t Shut Them Out

“Well, I see the Facebook/Twitter hysteria is at fever pitch again” writes Brett King at Banking 4 Tomorrow.  “There’s the concern around market events like the fake Sina Weibo post stating that Kim Jong Un had been assassinated, apparently corroborated by the evidence of a cavalcade of black limousines arriving at the North Korean embassy in Beijing around the same time. This started in China on Weibo, and within minutes had been translated into a fast trending topic on Twitter.”

“To be fair, while everyone is crying foul of Twitter and social networks for the potential chaos they could cause with false reports” writes Brett, “the reality is Twitter and micro blogging sites like Weibo get it right far more often than they get it wrong. This same week Twitter broke the news of Whitney Houston’s death a full 45 minutes before the press picked it up, just as it had with the death of Michael Jackson and Osama Bin Laden. The fact is, Twitter is more likely to break major news first, than any TV network these days. The unique aspect of Twitter is not only that it breaks the news first, but it allows a dialog around that news – so people feel not like they’re are just watching the news, but that they are a part of it – living it, participating.”

Brett describes “the dialogue” as an opportunity that SHOULD be leveraged because:

  • Twitter doesn’t get it wrong all that often. Keep in mind Twitter users now send 1 Billion Tweets every 4 days.
  • The instances of Twitter getting news like Kim Jong Un wrong, is miniscule in that stream.
  • If you are arguing caution on Twitter, it is like suggesting you don’t watch TV or read Newspapers because 1 in 10,000 stories could need a fact check.
  • Respect the medium’s power – the flow will continue with or without you.
  • Fear mongering over minor hiccups will only distance you from those you must seek to engage.
  • If you are going to be a brand living in the world of hyper connectivity today, you can’t think like you used to think 10 years ago in respect to communications strategy.

Respect the crowd – they have enormous power and will be the future of your brand. Understand that the crowd can advocate your brand, that they can be a massive resource. Push them away, and you may never again get their trust.

Talk to them – even when you screw up, and they’ll respect your openness and willingness to improve, adapt and engage.


Source: Brett King, Banking4Tomorrow. Read the full post.

Brett King is a bestselling author, founder of the world’s first direct mobile-only bank Movenbank, an accomplished professional speaker and an advisor to top financial institutions globally. 




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