Top Drivers of Customer Satisfaction in the Call Center

What are the top drivers of customer satisfaction with the call center channel for 2012? What do customers really care about when it comes to their interaction with call centers? Why is who you know more important than what you know when it comes to providing an outstanding customer experience? What are the . . . Continue Reading Top Drivers of Customer Satisfaction in the Call Center

5 Resolutions to Raise Customer Satisfaction

With the holidays behind us and 2012 well underway, I was wondering whether it’s too late for us to add a couple of resolutions to the list that has probably already been broken (Gym visits? Dieting? Smoking? …) In a cross-industry comparison of 2011 satisfaction scores below, I highlighted the research studies which pertain to banking and credit cards. While all 3 studies showed improvement in satisfaction last year, it is painfully obvious that a lot more can and should be done to address the needs and expectations of our customers. Therefore, I propose a list of five changes which, if adopted as part of the New Year, would likely raise customer satisfaction in financial services again this year and help narrow the gap with other service industries that typically outperform banking each year.

Resolutions for financial services:

Greet customers with sincerity and compassion:  Regardless of whether it’s in person or over the phone, customers can sense a disingenuous welcome or hello. We each have the ability to make someone else’s day a little better or to relieve some stress by smiling and saying ‘hello’. Acknowledging a customer upon arrival is the single most impactful behavior to in-person satisfaction in our Retail and Small Business Banking studies, affecting the customer’s subsequent perception of satisfaction in other areas such as wait time and account initiation. Likewise, courtesy for phone agents starts with the greeting and affects overall satisfaction of the call session.

Call customers back before they call you:  When working on a customer question, problem or other issue, we often wait to call a customer back until there is resolution. Unfortunately, in the meantime, customers often grow impatient at the lack of information while waiting and call the bank…sometimes several times. When the bank finally calls the customer with resolution, customers often feel the call was the result of their persistence and not what the bank planned all along. If a problem or question cannot be resolved at the initial point of contact (best practice) or within 24-hours, the customer needs a call informing them of the current status and anticipated timeline for resolution, along with proactive call at regular intervals until the problem is closed out. But this also leads to another resolution… Continue reading ›

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What Was the Outcome of Bank Transfer Day?

A Credit Union National Association (CUNA) surveyed 1,100 Credit unions about the impact of Bank Transfer Day


Credit unions brought in 40,000 in new members Credit unions added $80 million in new savings account funds Nearly 700,000 new credit union members joined the movement Around 80% of larger credit unions . . . Continue Reading What Was the Outcome of Bank Transfer Day?

What Matters MOST to Small Businesses?

I have the distinct honor of presenting the J.D. Power trophy to M&I Bank for the closing session at the Small Business Banking Conference next week in Scottsdale, AZ. I have been asked by a number of bankers and media alike what Small Businesses found most satisfying this year in their banking relationships with . . . Continue Reading What Matters MOST to Small Businesses?