Cadillac, MINI Brands Recognized for Outstanding Customer Service

David Sargent

This week during the opening ceremonies of the New York International Auto Show, J.D. Power presented plaques to executives from Cadillac and MINI to recognize their strong improvement in the quality, dependability and appeal of their vehicle models and for the dealership experience during the past three years.*

Cadillac was singled out as the most improved among luxury brands for providing an outstanding customer experience, and MINI was identified as the most improved nameplate among mass market brands. Don Butler, vice president of marketing at Cadillac and Jim McDowell, vice president of MINI USA, received the commendations.

While all automotive brands have shown improvement, Cadillac and MINI have improved more than others during the turbulent times in the industry since 2009.

A strong commitment to improving customer satisfaction requires focus and alignment at all levels—beginning in the boardroom and extending through the organization to employees in the plants and in the brands’ dealer networks.

We also want to recognize two more luxury brands, Lexus and Porsche, and two mass-market brands, Mazda and Volkswagen, the other candidates for the most improved brands in their respective segments. David Sargent, vice president of global automotive at J.D. Power and Associates

*Note: The recognition is based on the rate of improvement that each brand has made during the past three years in J.D. Power’s five core U.S. automotive quality and satisfaction studies. For a list of the studies, please read the press release.

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