Quiet Cars Influence OE Tire Satisfaction in Japan Market

Vehicle owners in Japan expect the tires that come with their vehicle from the factory to be perfect and without problems, according to our 2013 Japan Original Equipment Tire Customer Satisfaction Index Study. As vehicles become quieter, especially hybrids and electric vehicles, owners become more sensitive to noise and vibrations caused by their vehicle tires—a problem that is more prevalent than traction and handling issues.

The 2013 study, which examines problems that owners experience with their original equipment (OE) tires in the Japan market, finds that the two most frequently experienced problems owners have are pebbles or stones getting caught in the tire tread and road and vibration noise, which negatively affect ride, quietness and, ultimately, tire satisfaction. Continue reading ›

J.D. Power Expert Talks about Tires in Indian Market


Mohit Arora

Recently, Mohit Arora, executive director of J.D. Power Asia Pacific in Singapore, offered some insight, advice and tips on tire safety, cost efficiencies and ride comfort, based on J.D. Power tire customer satisfaction research in India. Some highlights from Mohit’s discussion related to analysis and research from the 2013 India Original Equipment Tire Customer Satisfaction Index (TCSI) Study are excerpted.

Arora begins by asking three key questions related to tires that customers in India should consider and then offers insight, tips and advice based on J.D. Power Asia Pacific tire studies and research.

Fuel Economy—Excessive fuel consumption has always been the top reported problem in our studies and will continue to be so in light of rising fuel costs. Does the average car owner in India know how to optimize fuel economy from their tires?

Importance of Tire Rotation—Some 40% of drivers report that they do not rotate their tires in an ownership period of 12 to 24 months. Tire rotation impacts fuel economy, tire durability and driving safety. Why is tire rotation important and at what frequency should it be done?

Run-Flat Tires—Nearly three-fourths of respondents say that run-flat tires are very important and express a need for them. Does the average driver actually know what run-flat tires are and why they are needed? Continue reading ›

Owners Report Fewer OE Tire Problems; Run-Flat Tire Satisfaction Dips


Brent Gruber

Although customers cite fewer problems with their original equipment (OE) tires for a fourth consecutive year, satisfaction is lower among customers whose vehicles are equipped with run-flat tires, according to our 2013 U.S. Original Equipment Tire Satisfaction Study.SM

A major reason that automakers are equipping vehicles—mainly luxury and performance sports segment vehicles—with run-flat tires and low-rolling resistance tires is that they are trying to find ways to meet tougher Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards. One way to improve fuel efficiency is to equip vehicles with these run-flat tires instead of supplying a spare, or by using low-rolling resistance tires.

In our latest study findings, which are based on responses from more than 30,835 new-vehicle owners after two years of their ownership experience, customers with run-flat tires are much more likely to replace their tires as are customers with standard tires. Nearly one-third (31%) of customers whose vehicles are equipped with run-flat tires have needed to replace at least one tire in comparison to only 19% of those customers whose vehicles are equipped with standard tires. Continue reading ›

Michelin Scores Highest in Three Segments, Pirelli Scores Highest in One in OE Tire Study

Casey Mier

France’s Michelin brand earns the highest original equipment tire customer satisfaction scores in three of the four vehicle segments evaluated in the J.D. Power and Associates 2013 U.S. Original Equipment Tire Customer Satisfaction Study.SM Italy’s Pirelli brand ranks highest in satisfaction in one segment: truck/utility.

• Michelin receives 775 points (on a . . . Continue Reading Michelin Scores Highest in Three Segments, Pirelli Scores Highest in One in OE Tire Study