Initial Quality in Malaysia Advances for Fourth Straight Year

Malaysia, PenangFor a fourth consecutive year, overall new-vehicle initial quality in Malaysia improves significantly, according to the 2013 Malaysia Initial Quality Study (IQS), based on responses from more than 3,100 new-vehicle buyers during the first two to six months of ownership.*

The 2013 Malaysia IQS findings are encouraging because the automotive market in Malaysia is becoming increasingly competitive with a rising number of new models, which makes it essential for brands to produce high-quality cars and trucks.

A few highlights from this year’s Malaysia IQS:

• Overall initial quality in Malaysia averages 88 problems per 100 vehicles (PP100) in 2013, a major improvement from 111 PP100 in 2012, and 124 PP100 in 2011. A lower problem incidence indicates higher quality.

• Initial quality has improved from 2012 in all eight problem areas1 analyzed, with Driving Experience and Engine/Transmission improving the most.

• The most common problems experienced by new-vehicle owners in 2013 are front doors that are hard to open/close; excessive wind noise; rear side doors that are hard to open and close; brakes that are noisy; and the air conditioner doesn’t get cold fast enough.

• More than one-half (51%) of owners who are “delighted” or “pleased” with their overall vehicle quality (ratings of 8 points or higher on a 10-point scale) say they “definitely will” recommend the model they purchased to family and friends, vs. only 16% of those who are “indifferent” or “disappointed” (ratings of 7 or below).

• Among the 65 models from 16 brands evaluated in the study, two Toyota models and one model each from Ford and Mitsubishi rank highest in initial quality in their respective segments.

• The most problem-free model in each of the four award segments are: Ford Fiesta (Entry Midsize); Toyota Corolla Altis (Midsize); Toyota Avanza (MPV/Van); and Mitsubishi Triton (Pickup).

Results from our 2013 Malaysia IQS indicate that it is critical for automakers to understand the problems experienced by new-vehicle owners and it is also imperative that manufacturers communicate to consumers the work they are doing to improve the quality of their vehicles.Rajaswaran Tharmalingam, Malaysia country manager for J.D. Power Asia Pacific, Singapore

*New-vehicle owners purchased their vehicle between August 2012 and May 2013.

1 The 2013 Malaysia IQS measures 228 problem symptoms covering eight vehicle components: Vehicle Exterior; Driving Experience; Features/Controls/Displays; Audio/Entertainment/Navigation; Seats; HVAC; Vehicle Interior; and Engine/Transmission.


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