Service Customers in Taiwan Expect Cost Estimate and Follow-Up

Taipei, Taiwan.Overall customer satisfaction with the service experience among vehicle owners in Taiwan who visited their dealership or service center improves by 26 points from 2012, to 873 (on a 1,000-point scale), according to our 2013 Taiwan Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Study.*

Study findings indicate that when customers in Taiwan drop off their vehicle for service at the dealership, they expect an estimate of charges and when work is completed, they want an explanation of the charges for service.

In 2013, satisfaction improves in each of the five factors measured with a significant advance of 27 points for vehicle pickup followed by 26-point improvements in each of these three factors: service initiation, service advisor, and service facility.

A few more study highlights are summarized:

• Satisfaction among customers who received a complete cost estimate for service and a follow-up service explanation of final charges averages 875 points—31 points higher than the satisfaction score for customers who only receive one of these two service components (844).

• More than two-thirds (69%) of customers wait at the service center while their vehicle is having work done, up from 63% in 2012.

• Satisfaction among those customers who wait at the dealership is 23 points higher on average than for those who drop off their vehicle and return later to pick it up.

• Customers who wait at the dealership indicate they are more satisfied with the service advisor and service facility.

Lexus logo• Among the 15 brands included in the study, Lexus ranks highest in overall customer satisfaction with service for a 15th straight year, with a score of 909.

• Following Lexus in the rankings are four more premium brands: Mercedes-Benz (903); Audi (897); BMW (894); and Volvo (886).

Service Customers Who Wait at Dealerships Tend to be More Satisfied

We also see that as service times become shorter, there is a gradual increase in the percentage of customers who remain at the dealership during service work. Making sure that customer lounges are well maintained and have amenities including TV, refreshments and Internet access can help dealerships make the customers’ wait comfortable. Nearly three-fourths of customers say that Internet access is widely available.

With new-vehicle sales in Taiwan flat this year, automakers will need to look for ways to further strengthen the service side of their business. The service advisor, who represents the face of the dealership and the brand for the customer, will continue to play a critical role in satisfaction. Paying attention to customer needs, providing explanations and advice as well as updates on service progress helps customers feel the dealership values the relationship and can in turn increase loyalty and advocacy.Rajeev Nair, director at J.D. Power Asia Pacific, Singapore

*The 2013 Taiwan CSI Study is based on responses from 3,118 owners of new vehicles that took their vehicle to an authorized dealer or service center between September 2012 and June 2013.


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