A Suggestion to Chinese OEMs: Focus on Strengthening Existing Brands


Tim Dunne

China’s automotive market currently offers more than 60 locally produced brands and nearly 20 imported, or foreign, brands. As if that were not enough, we recently learned that several more entrants intend to join the fray. Among them are two new brands developed by Chinese domestic automakers.

The FAW Car Group unveiled the Olney brand in November. The company said that the brand would be targeted at younger consumers. The first Olney car will be priced between 80,000-100,000 RMB ($12,500-$15,600) and is scheduled to launch in March 2012.

Chery Automobile Co. also announced plans in November to launch a new passenger-vehicle brand named Qoros. The brand’s vehicle will be built by Qoros Automotive Co., a 50-50 joint venture between Chery and the Israel Corp., an investment firm based in Israel. The company said it has three passenger-car models under development, the first of which is scheduled to launch in late 2013. Continue reading ›