Why do Shoppers Avoid Alternative Powertrain Vehicles?

More than one-third (36%) of new-vehicle shoppers avoid alternative powertrain vehicles—hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles—mainly because of cost/price, according to our 2013 Avoider Study, which is based on responses from nearly 31,000 new-vehicle owners who registered their new car or light truck in May 2012.

The second-highest percentage of owners (25%) who avoid . . . Continue Reading Why do Shoppers Avoid Alternative Powertrain Vehicles?

Medium-Duty Truck Satisfaction is Flat despite Better Quality and Fuel Economy

Brent Gruber

Advances in fuel economy and quality of medium-duty trucks were unable to offset increases in the cost of managing truck fleets, which negatively impacted overall satisfaction, according to results in our 2012 U.S. Medium-Duty Truck Customer Satisfaction Study, which is based on responses from principal maintainers of model-year 2011 class 5-7 conventional cab medium-duty trucks.

This year, customer satisfaction with medium-duty trucks* remains flat at 757 (on a 1,000-point scale), the same as in 2011, despite reported fuel economy improvements (up 12% from last year) and a step-up in quality with the number of problems per 100 trucks (PP100) declining an average of 18 PP100 from 141 PP100 in 2011 to 123 PP100 this year. Overall, Class 5 trucks continue to have the highest quality levels, averaging just 86 PP100.

Higher fuel and truck prices negatively impacted satisfaction this year, pushing principal maintainers to look at other cost savings options. However, our study results indicate that these fleet maintainers have concerns about new alternative fuel technology. Continue reading ›