A Little More About Ford, Lincoln and Global Plans

Tim Dunne

Several readers have asked Tim Dunne for more insight about Ford Motor Company and its planned Lincoln launch in China after reading his post  “Lincoln in China: Observations from our China Expert.” Our Asia expert has put together pertinent highlights from J.D. Power research, sales analysis and studies to provide an even better perspective of Ford’s current path and progress in the U.S. that may add insight about the company’s recent decision to introduce its Lincoln luxury brand in China in 2014:

Ford Motor Co.’s U.S. auto sales last year were up 17% from 2010, surpassing 2 million units. I think Ford has some momentum in small and medium cars, which is something we haven’t seen from Detroit automakers in many years. I also saw a recent headline that said Ford believes the Focus (hatchback, sedan and wagon) could become the best-selling car in the world, surpassing the Toyota Corolla. “The Blue Oval sold 489,616 Focus models worldwide in the first six months of this year putting it nearly 27,000 ahead of the Corolla,” said a post on the Road & Track blog. Continue reading ›

Ford Aims Big with New Thailand Plant

Two years ago, Ford jumpstarted its Southeast Asia sales with the introduction of the Fiesta sedan and hatchback models. The introduction in the second half of 2010 expanded Ford’s annual sales in the region by 81%, up from just 39,000 units in 2010 to 71,000 units in 2011.

Importantly, the Fiesta launch also signaled Ford’s renewed focus to be a prominent manufacturer in a growing region of 500 million people, now more integrated since the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) became fully functional in January 2010. And the region is moving toward further integration by 2015 under the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) agreement.*

No doubt China will remain at the core of Ford’s Asia Pacific and Africa operations. However, other emerging markets in Asia, including India and the Asean, are gaining resonance. Continue reading ›

What Lies Ahead for Automotive Marketers in the Age of Digital Marketing

The world of marketing is rapidly growing with a new age of marketers who will need to keep up with the changing environment. This new age of digital marketers will have a different mindset, tool set, and approach to digital marketing as exhibited in an interesting scenario.

There are seven new-age marketers ready to compete with their ideas for what is called the “Ultimate Marketing Championship” or UMC13, suggests Jason Deal, executive vice president and digital group account director at Initiative USA. He presented a fantasy portrait of these new-age marketers at this year’s 2011 Automotive Internet Roundtable. Continue reading ›

Ford and Chevrolet Are Best-Selling Brands in US Market

Dave Cutting

At the brand level, Ford dominated during the first half this year, gaining nearly 1 point of market share from a year ago. The Ford nameplate’s share rose to 16.09% from 15.15% a year ago and it sold 19% more new vehicles—more than 1 million units in the first half this year compared with 848,840 unit sales a year ago. Ford models with significant increases this year include the Escape, the new Explorer, Fiesta, Focus, Fusion and the F-Series, which remains America’s best-selling model. Continue reading ›