Tepid September U.S. Sales Impacted by Strong August Deliveries

2013 Ford EscapeSeptember U.S. new car and light-truck sales were expected to be less than stellar after strong August totals that included near-record Labor Day deliveries, according to J.D. Power and media reports. In addition, there were two fewer selling days in September 2013 than in September a year ago, which impacted totals.

New-vehicle sales reached 1.136 million units and were up 4% from the same month a year ago on a selling-day adjusted basis, which matched a monthly forecast update from J.D. Power’s Power Information Network® (PIN) and strategic partner LMC Automotive. On an unadjusted basis, deliveries were down 4% from last year.

Retail Sales Slip a Fraction of a Point in September

Retail sales finished the month at just under 917,000 units—down slightly from last September (-0.1%) when adjusted for fewer selling days. The September tally represented a seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of 15.1 million units. Fleet sales improved by 25.5% from a year ago and represented a 3.1 million-unit SAAR. Continue reading ›

January Retail Sales Pace Up Significantly from Year-Ago Rate

Cars on Lot  U.S. new light-vehicle sales finished January on a strong note, with retail deliveries rising 15.7% from the same month in 2012 and total sales (retail and fleet) increasing 9.7% from January a year ago, based on analysis of retail transaction data from J.D. Power’s Power Information Network® (PIN) and strategic partner LMC Automotive. All changes are selling-day adjusted since there were 25 selling days in January 2013 vs. 24 in January 2012.

A few highlights from PIN and LMC Automotive analysis:

• Total light-vehicle sales reached nearly 1.042 million units in the first month this year, which translated to a 15.3 million-unit seasonally adjusted annual selling rate (SAAR), up 1.4 million units from January a year ago.

• Retail deliveries totaled more than 822,000 units, which translated to a retail SAAR of 13.1 million units—up 2.2 million units from January 2012 and also up 1.1 million units from December 2012’s pace. Continue reading ›

May U.S. Retail Sales Volume was Second-Strongest This Year

May was another month of year-over-year sales growth in the U.S. auto market, even though the impact of Memorial Day weekend sales at the end of the month was weaker than anticipated, according to analysis by J.D. Power’s Power Information Network® (PIN) and LMC Automotive.*

May’s seasonally adjusted annual sales pace of 13.7 million units (SAAR) slipped below 14.0 million units, which has been a benchmark in each of the prior four months of 2012. Still, retail sales were the second-highest this year and totaled more than 1.07 million units, up 18.5% from a year ago on a selling-day-adjusted basis.** Fleet sales rose 6.9% to more than 261,200 units.

Most Multi-Franchise Automakers Post Retail Sales Gains

All multi-franchise automakers, except for the BMW Group, posted year-over-year retail and total U.S. sales gains in May. Toyota Group outperformed all other automakers with sales up 73% from a year ago, when inventories were hindered by production setbacks after the March 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster. Continue reading ›

April US Retail Growth Pace Rises at End of Month; Fleets Add Momentum

April was another month of growth for the U.S. auto industry in 2012. Strong end-of-month retail sales and higher fleet sales helped continue the trend of sales gains, based on data collected and analyzed by J.D. Power with LMC Automotive.*

Retail sales reached 908,685 units in April, which was 9.3%** higher than last April and translated to a seasonally adjusted selling rate (SAAR) of 10.3 million units, which was lower than a year ago and last month due to fewer selling days this year. Fleet sales were strong in April, climbing 40% from a year ago. Continue reading ›

Pent-up Demand, Access to Consumer Credit Spur US Auto Sales in February

Pent-up demand due to the continued replacement of an aging vehicle fleet, along with a rebound in leasing, easier access to consumer credit and long-term financing, are driving new-vehicle sales momentum this month, according to a monthly sales forecast update based on analysis from J.D. Power’s Power Information Network® (PIN) and LMC Automotive.

Our . . . Continue Reading Pent-up Demand, Access to Consumer Credit Spur US Auto Sales in February

April Retail Sales in US Remain Surprisingly Resilient

Jeff Schuster

Retail light-vehicle sales in the United States during the first half of April* got off to a strong start, partly due to the fact that consumers may be purchasing vehicles earlier than they normally would have, while there is still ample inventory. It’s likely that the selling pace will slow down during the remainder of the month when there may be inventory constraints due to shortages related to the Japan crisis.

April retail car and light-truck sales are expected to reach 948,100 units, which represents a seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of 11.1 million units, based on analysis of our Power Information Network® (PIN) retail transaction data. This is a stronger pace than a month ago, when the SAAR was 10.7 million units, and is significantly ahead of last April’s weaker 9.3 million-unit selling pace. The latest estimated sales pace may not be sustainable as inventory dries up toward the end of April and into May, especially for small cars. Continue reading ›