Mobile Marketing: The Next-Generation Platform and Game Changer

The current state of mobile marketing was addressed in three separate panel discussions (Automotive Mobile Strategies, Game Mechanics, and User Behavior; Mobile Campaign Strategies; and Taking Mobile from Experiment to Experience) during the recent J.D. Power and Associates 2011 Automotive Internet Roundtable in Las Vegas, NV.

Amit Aggarwal

Participants on all three panels stressed the need to have a strategic focus and “smart fundamentals,” using mobile as a component within broader campaigns. In developing the strategy, marketers need to understand what kind of consumer they are trying to reach, what the consumer wants to do, and which tools marketers will need to put in front of consumers. Mobile currently has very high bounce rates because marketers are not creating enough compelling mobile destinations, most of the panelists acknowledged.

John Deschner, senior vice president of Deutsch, also recommended having an invention/experimentation budget (e.g. 5%) that can be used to test ideas. His suggestion: “Try to learn cheap and fast, but commit to it—you just need one of them to blow up.” Continue reading ›