April Retail Sales Pace is Consistent with First Quarter

Although April is considered a challenging month for sales comparisons because the Easter holiday falls in April some years and in March during other years, signs of sustained growth in the U.S. auto market are evident. In fact, the daily selling rate in April is projected to be 37,000 units, which is higher than the 34,000-unit average rate in the first quarter. (Note: There are 24 selling days in April 2012 vs. 27 in April a year ago.)

Retail sales volume this month is projected to increase 8%* from April 2011, which matches the first-quarter year-over-year increase of 8%. Sales in April are predicted to reach 894,100 units, which translates to a seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of 10.2 million units, based on the monthly sales forecast update from our Power Information Network® (PIN) and LMC Automotive.**

Total (retail and fleet) light-vehicle deliveries for the month are forecast to reach 1.13 million units, which is up 11% when adjusted for the number of selling days, from 1.15 million units in April 2011. This pace is equal to a SAAR of 13.8 million units vs. 13.2 million a year ago. Higher fleet sales continue in April, with fleet volume expected to account for 21% of total sales this month. Continue reading ›