First Call to Insurer Sets Tone for Canadian Auto Insurance Claimant Satisfaction


Jeremy Bowler

Although settlement of an auto insurance claim is the most important factor among six measures* evaluated in our 2013 Canadian Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, the first phone call that a claimant makes to the insurance provider or agent after an accident or vehicle damage incident sets the tone for the whole claims process. The first notice of loss call averages 18 minutes, according to the study.

 Auto Insurance Claimant Satisfaction Differs by Province

Our inaugural Auto Claims Satisfaction Study in Canada finds that satisfaction with the auto claims experience varies between provinces. For instance, satisfaction ranges from a high index of 840 (on a 1,000-point scale) in Quebec to only 753 on average in Manitoba. Satisfaction scores for some of the other regions are: Ontario (800); Alberta (770); British Columbia (767); and Saskatchewan (760).

Overall, the industry satisfaction score with the auto claims experience in Canada averages 787. Continue reading ›

Satisfaction with Auto Insurance Providers Improves in Canada

Lubo Li

Although more than one in four (26%) auto insurance customers in Canada say their policy premium increased this year from last year, the overall national satisfaction index with providers improves by 13 points from 2010, to 740 on a 1,000-point scale, according to our 2011 Canadian Auto Insurance Study, which is based on responses from 11,286 auto insurance policyholders.

This year, a number of auto insurance companies in Canada were able to offset the negative impact of higher premium prices by providing proactive communications and by helping their customers explore options to reduce costs. We find that when insurance providers give advance notice to customers about premium increases and explain available options, satisfaction with price improves by more than 100 points, on average, in comparison to the satisfaction levels among customers who don’t receive advance notice.

At the same time, the percentage of customers who do receive advance notice about a premium increase and are told about coverage/discount possibilities, such as for multiple vehicles or bundled home and auto polices, remains low—only 16% on average. Continue reading ›