Superior Website Experience in China Boosts Test Drive, Purchase Intent

Dr. Mei Songlin

Dr. Mei Songlin

When new-vehicle shoppers in China have a satisfying experience using a manufacturer’s website for research, there is a higher chance that they will take a test drive and purchase a particular brand vehicle, according to the 2013 China Brand Website Evaluation Study (BWES).

The inaugural online study measures the usefulness of automaker websites at the brand level during the new-vehicle shopping process, based on four key factors (in order of weight or importance): information and content (27%); appearance (25%); speed (24%); and navigation (23%). All scores in this study are based on a 1,000-point scale.

China New-Vehicle Buyers More Satisfied with Website Speed

Speed achieves the highest satisfaction score (730) among the four factors measured, while information and content receives the lowest score (720). We observe that new-vehicle shoppers indicate a strong need for sufficient information related to entertainment systems and fuel efficiency. Continue reading ›

British Brands Advance in UK Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study


Mark Lendrich

British automakers have made great strides in the past few years in terms of offering appealing product lines and improved service, which is something they’ve often struggled with in the past. Jaguar, for instance, ranks highest in vehicle ownership satisfaction for a second straight year, according to the 2013 UK Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSS) that is a collaborative effort produced by J.D. Power and What Car?, a website and magazine owned by the Haymarket Media Group in the UK.

In the UK, current forecasts predict that new-vehicle sales will increase nearly 18% during the next five years, according to analysis from our strategic partner LMC Automotive. This puts British brands in a beneficial position to retain current customers and attract new buyers.

The 2013 UK VOSS, which is based on 16,104 online evaluations by original vehicle owners in the UK after an average of two years of ownership, examines customer satisfaction with vehicle and dealer service, based on the evaluation of four key measures. The measures and their weights in the overall index are: vehicle appeal (31%), which includes performance, design, comfort and features; ownership costs (25%), which include fuel consumption, insurance and costs of service/repair; service satisfaction (22%); and vehicle quality and reliability (22%). Continue reading ›

UK Vehicle Owners Shop for Service; Jaguar Ranks Highest in Ownership Satisfaction

Vehicle owners in the United Kingdom are increasingly willing to shop around for service, as exhibited by the fact that aftermarket/independent service centers have increased their share of average total vehicle service visits to 39%—up 6 points from 2011, according to the 2012 UK Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSS). In contrast, authorized dealer service centers are losing share of service visits—down 5 points from 2011 to 61%.

The aftermarket/independent service centers have ramped up their efforts to expand and improve services. Additionally, these independent service centers are focusing on retail maintenance advertising and are creating more services to attract customers, including offering extended weekend hours and vehicle pick-up and vehicle delivery assistance. Continue reading ›

There’s Good News in Challenging Times for UK Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction

Brian Walters

Customer expectations for vehicle ownership satisfaction in the UK have been rising steadily during the past decade, according to J.D. Power research. In particular, owners have become more critical of design elements within their vehicles and are less tolerant of quality issues. Owners are placing more importance on the overall appeal of their vehicles. We also observe that owners are increasingly willing to shop around for service.

Yet, despite higher customer expectations and continuing economic pressure on automakers and consumers, vehicle ownership satisfaction in the UK has increased from 2010, with advances across all aspects of the ownership experience, according to our J.D. Power and Associates/What Car? 2011 UK Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSS).SM Our joint study with What CAR? is based on evaluations of more than 16,500 online interviews from UK vehicle owners after an average of two years of ownership. Continue reading ›

VW Growth Plan Includes Unveiling Concepts at Geneva Motor Show

Jonathon Poskitt

The Volkswagen Group may show as many as seven concepts at the Geneva International Motor Show in March (Press Days are March 1-2), according to Automotive News, which reports that concepts will be exhibited for the group’s VW, SEAT and Skoda brands. In addition, Italdesign Giugiaro, which the VW Group took over last spring, also may have two concept cars for the VW brand.  

As part of VW’s aim to become the top-selling carmaker by 2018, we will begin to see the concepts of future production models that will assist the German automaker in its aim. One of the stars of the Geneva show this year is bound to be Volkswagen’s XL1 concept, a vehicle that is capable of achieving amazing levels of efficiency (circa 300 mpg has been suggested). This follows on from the forthcoming Up! range that will enter production later this year, with VW, Skoda and SEAT brands all getting a version of the Up!  Continue reading ›

Service Satisfaction in India Up Despite Rise in Service Volumes

Customer satisfaction with authorized dealer service in India improves significantly in 2010 due to “the success that manufacturers in India have had in enhancing the customer experience at their dealerships, despite challenges that dealerships face with recent increases in service volumes,” according to Mohit Arora, executive director at J.D. Power Asia Pacific in the . . . Continue Reading Service Satisfaction in India Up Despite Rise in Service Volumes

Efficient Sales Experience Generates Higher Customer Satisfaction Levels in China

The delivery process and delivery timing continue to be the most important of seven factors* that drive customer satisfaction with the new-vehicle purchase experience in China, according to the J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2010 China Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) Study.SM

“Considering the tremendous growth among dealerships in China—which have been growing at a rate . . . Continue Reading Efficient Sales Experience Generates Higher Customer Satisfaction Levels in China