Opel to Launch Upmarket Model to Boost Brand’s Sales in Europe

Jonathon Poskitt

Recently, non-premium brand Opel/Vauxhall announced that it would introduce an “upmarket” city car to the European market, according to Automotive News. The new model, code-named “Junior,” will target consumers “who care about the status of their car, what it can do, what features it has, what telematics it has,” according to Nick Reilly, GM Europe* president.

Non-premium brands like Opel will always look to improve their market position, because if they can achieve this, it clearly benefits profitability. However, the intent to reposition a brand and the execution of it are two different things.

Opel Launches Junior in a Segment with Some Aging Products

The benefit for Opel in launching this new Basic segment car is that the segment, having seen much new model activity over the last 5 or 6 years, has seen this activity die down more recently. Many models in the segment have seen their market share suffer to some degree from model aging, which plays into the hands of Opel’s new Junior when it is launched. Continue reading ›