British Brands Advance in UK Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study


Mark Lendrich

British automakers have made great strides in the past few years in terms of offering appealing product lines and improved service, which is something they’ve often struggled with in the past. Jaguar, for instance, ranks highest in vehicle ownership satisfaction for a second straight year, according to the 2013 UK Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSS) that is a collaborative effort produced by J.D. Power and What Car?, a website and magazine owned by the Haymarket Media Group in the UK.

In the UK, current forecasts predict that new-vehicle sales will increase nearly 18% during the next five years, according to analysis from our strategic partner LMC Automotive. This puts British brands in a beneficial position to retain current customers and attract new buyers.

The 2013 UK VOSS, which is based on 16,104 online evaluations by original vehicle owners in the UK after an average of two years of ownership, examines customer satisfaction with vehicle and dealer service, based on the evaluation of four key measures. The measures and their weights in the overall index are: vehicle appeal (31%), which includes performance, design, comfort and features; ownership costs (25%), which include fuel consumption, insurance and costs of service/repair; service satisfaction (22%); and vehicle quality and reliability (22%). Continue reading ›

Vehicle Owners in Germany Less Satisfied; Mercedes Models Earn Most Segment-Level Awards

It’s been two years since the scrappage program was eliminated in the German auto market and satisfaction among owners of two-year-old vehicles in that country has slipped to an average of 807 (on a 1,000-point scale) this year from 813 in 2010, according to our 2011 Germany Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSS), which we conduct jointly with German auto magazine AUTO TEST.

Brian Walters

Among the four factors* measured in the study, only ownership costs has improved slightly. A 9-point fall in the vehicle quality and reliability factor is primarily due to a significant increase in reported problems—the rate of problems reported increased by 12 problems per 100 vehicles (PP 100) from 2010, mainly in the areas of vehicle exterior; heating; ventilation; and air conditioning.

On an encouraging note, we find that vehicle owners in Germany who say they are “delighted” with their dealer service experience are nearly 2.5 times as likely to return to the dealership for paid service work vs. less satisfied customers. Yet, there is a wide variance in service levels delivered by different brands. Continue reading ›

Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction in France Declines from 2010

Competition is heating up in France’s new-vehicle market, as owners of 2-year-old vehicles in that country are much more critical of their models, especially in terms of quality, reliability and appeal, according to our 2011 France Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study,SM (VOSS) which we conduct jointly with France’s L’Automobile Magazine.*

Brian Walters

This year, overall satisfaction among vehicle owners in France fell 14 points from 767 in 2010 to an average index of 753 (based on a 1,000-point scale). This study, which is based on more than 15,000 owners’ online evaluations of their 2-year-old vehicles and their experience with the dealership, examines 67 attributes and four measures of satisfaction, which are weighted in order of importance: vehicle appeal; ownership costs; vehicle quality and reliability; and dealer service satisfaction. Continue reading ›

There’s Good News in Challenging Times for UK Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction

Brian Walters

Customer expectations for vehicle ownership satisfaction in the UK have been rising steadily during the past decade, according to J.D. Power research. In particular, owners have become more critical of design elements within their vehicles and are less tolerant of quality issues. Owners are placing more importance on the overall appeal of their vehicles. We also observe that owners are increasingly willing to shop around for service.

Yet, despite higher customer expectations and continuing economic pressure on automakers and consumers, vehicle ownership satisfaction in the UK has increased from 2010, with advances across all aspects of the ownership experience, according to our J.D. Power and Associates/What Car? 2011 UK Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSS).SM Our joint study with What CAR? is based on evaluations of more than 16,500 online interviews from UK vehicle owners after an average of two years of ownership. Continue reading ›

Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction in Mexico Driven by Vehicle Appeal, Dealer Service

Among the four factors measured to determine overall new-vehicle ownership satisfaction in Mexico, new-vehicle appeal (design, style, performance and vehicle comfort) and dealer service performance turn out to be the primary differentiators. The other two factors measured—vehicle quality and reliability and ownership costs (service, fuel consumption and insurance costs)—are less prominent differentiators, according to . . . Continue Reading Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction in Mexico Driven by Vehicle Appeal, Dealer Service