Thorough Explanations Enhance After-Sales Service Satisfaction in Vietnam

Vietnam01New-vehicle owners in Vietnam prefer to have the type and scope of maintenance or repair work explained prior to their service visit and after the work is completed at the dealer or authorized service center, according to our 2013 Vietnam Customer Service Index (CSI) Study. When a service advisor provides explanations at the beginning and completion of work, satisfaction improves significantly—by 24 points (on a 1,000-point scale).

A few more findings from the 2013 Vietnam CSI Study are highlighted:

• Overall customer satisfaction with dealer service in 2013 averages 825, which is down 6 points from 2012.

• Satisfaction averages 833 among customers whose service advisor knows a vehicle’s service history—26 points higher than among customers whose service advisor has no knowledge of the vehicle’s service history (807).

• Three-fourths (75%) of customers who are highly satisfied with their service experience (scores of at least 865) say they “definitely will” revisit the service dealer for warranty service. Less than one-half (49%) with lower satisfaction (790 or below) indicate they will do the same.

• Some 60% of customers who indicate that their overall service experience was better than expected say they “definitely will” revisit the same dealer for post-warranty work, vs. 47% of customers who had a service experience about the same as expected.

• In addition, 61% of highly satisfied customers say they “definitely will” recommend their vehicle brand to friends and relatives, while just 26% of customers who have lower satisfaction say the same.

• Among the five brands that are rank-eligible in the study, Kia receives the highest customer service satisfaction score of 830 and performs especially well in three of the five factors measured—service facility, vehicle pick-up and service quality. Ford ranks second (825), performing particularly well in the service advisor factor.

Overall, we see that customers expect to understand the work that is done on their vehicle, and explanations before and after the service is completed helps to improve transparency and potentially builds trust with the dealer. In addition, service advisors play an important role in engaging with the customer, as they are the face of the brand when a customer visits the authorized service center.Rajeev Nair, director at J.D. Power Asia Pacific, Singapore

Note: The 2013 Vietnam CSI Study is based on responses from 1,148 owners who took their new vehicle for service to an authorized dealer or service center between November 2012 and July 2013. Five factors are measured to calculate overall customer satisfaction with dealer service. They are, in order of importance: service quality (37%); vehicle pick-up (19%); service facility (15%); service advisor (15%); and service initiation (14%).


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