What Lies Ahead for Automotive Marketers in the Age of Digital Marketing

The world of marketing is rapidly growing with a new age of marketers who will need to keep up with the changing environment. This new age of digital marketers will have a different mindset, tool set, and approach to digital marketing as exhibited in an interesting scenario.

There are seven new-age marketers ready to compete with their ideas for what is called the “Ultimate Marketing Championship” or UMC13, suggests Jason Deal, executive vice president and digital group account director at Initiative USA. He presented a fantasy portrait of these new-age marketers at this year’s 2011 Automotive Internet Roundtable.

The seven individual profiles included:

• “Teri Traditional Digital,” who breathes digital is concerned about return on investment (ROI), lacks the capability to get audiences activated with a limited way of thinking. Teri’s chances are 4 to 1 to take the digital championship.

• “Senil Search,” who is real-time bidding and focused on ROI, but she has trouble with focus and intent. The odds makers have her at 5 to 1 to take home the trophy.

• “Sarah Social Guru” is a funnel and channel agnostic with most of her focus on experience and word-of-mouth. She is also focused on post-purchase brand engagement, but has a ROI. Sarah’s odds are 7 to 1 to take UMC 13.

• “Cecil CRM” is focused on audience segment, dynamic creative advertising, and customer data. Cecil has an issue with media and direct mail, so the odds makers have him at 6 to 1 to take the title.

• “Allison Audience Digital,” whose strength lies in appealing to audience segments and touch points, as well as third- and first-party data. She has weaknesses in online focus and the scale of the big picture. Allison’s odds are 3 to 1 to take the title.

• “Nigel New CRM” is strong in multiple media, touch and channel ROI, along with funnel management. Nigel is very green and is new to development and environments, but the odds still have him as the favorite at 2 to 1. Nigel says, “A brand is a multitude of direct and shared experiences. Data convergence is going to allow us to create richer, more intelligent experiences for consumers throughout their lifecycle.”

• Last, but not least, is “Kelvin Creative,” who doesn’t care about the data or technology, but builds a big, bold and creative idea to develop a top-of-the-funnel ad campaign to drive traffic all the way down to the retail sector. The odds have Kelvin at 1 to 1, and he is the most likely new marketer to take the UMC 13.

We will not know who wins UMC 13 for some time, Deal says, but we do know that “Kelvin Creative” will go home with the girl! Matthew Young, research associate, media and marketing research at J.D. Power and Associates

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